A Vision

I am not sure why, but I’ve always had a heart for vets – even before I became one.

I remember as a kid my favorite TV shows were “Hogan’s Heroes” and “MASH”.  I cried watching “Platoon”.

Then I remember marching in basic training to the cadence beat of “Shoot! Kill! Mutilate!” and wondering if I might be in the wrong place.

I’ve always had a heart for vets – especially now that I am one.
I was in the US Army Reserve, 301st Field Medical Hospital, for ten years (1987-1997).   I am grateful for the experience and the medical training. I am currently working as an Interventional Radiologic Technologist due in part to that training.

I’ve always had  heart for vets – so when I first stepped onto the 270 property, a wave of peace that only nature brings swept over me.  I immediately thought of veterans – veterans coming home from war – who are seeking healing and hope and peace.  270 shouts these things in its stillness, its silence, and its beauty.


My prayer began. I wanted us, Emmanuel Mennonite Church, and 270 to be an answer to someone else’s prayer. We have a gift to offer. We need to find someone who needs what we have to give.


I started telling Fred’s story to anyone who would listen and discovered many more people and organizations who also have a heart for vets. In the past year I have made contacts and established cherished relationships with several of them. All have contributed in some way to the shaping of a vision for 270. Thank you!

Our Vision:
BPC 270: A Place of Healing and Hope through Creation Care and Service.

The “Plan” to get there is still fluid and a work in progress, but finally it is flowing in one direction. There are some definite “Whats” and “Whos”, though some of the “Hows” are yet to be determined.

But it will happen –
A heart for vets and healing and hope are alive at 270 in 2014!



One Response to A Vision

  1. Jane Shebeneck says:

    You are doing great things!!!! Keep up the great work!!!!

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