The Deep Forest in the Midst of Grief

A beautiful expression of the healing power of nature ~ nice article, Sarah!

The Inclusive Community

IMG_3951I have struggled with sadness this past week in the tragedy of the mass shooting in Orlando and other acts of violence happening in the world. Grief feels like a daily occurrence in our connected society, where the media places in front of us images of destruction and violence moment to moment. One tragedy overshadows another, and it is easy to feel hopeless. I know that this is not all that is happening in the world, that also moment to moment many lives are being saved and enriched by innumerable acts of kindness. These aren’t the stories making headlines and it is easy to forget all of the good also present. But, it all feels heavy: gun violence and the end of so many lives of LGBTQ people of color, a devastating flood in Ghana that no one seems to be talking about, the one-year anniversary of the massacre at…

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About Sheb

After reading, If You Want to Walk on Water, You Have to Get Out of the Boat, (Jon Ortberg), I decided that getting out of the boat was the easy part. "Wow, Jesus, I want to do that too!" Staying focused on Jesus rather than the wind and the waves is the hard part. I suppose even in the doldrums that is also true. So my prayer and meditation in whatever journey I undertake is to keep my eyes fixed on the One who will walk with me and keep me above water. Matthew 14: 25-33
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