Upon discovering our resident gopher tortoise last year, we decided to name it in honor of Fred Beltram…so we have been calling him Fred!


Just in the past week, though, Don discovered a new baby tortoise hole next to Fred’s!  Perhaps our Fred is a Fredericka!


No baby sightings yet, but there is evidence of baby nibbles.

Just looked it up…the name Fredericka means “peaceful ruler”!

How felicitous is that?!


About Sheb

After reading, If You Want to Walk on Water, You Have to Get Out of the Boat, (Jon Ortberg), I decided that getting out of the boat was the easy part. "Wow, Jesus, I want to do that too!" Staying focused on Jesus rather than the wind and the waves is the hard part. I suppose even in the doldrums that is also true. So my prayer and meditation in whatever journey I undertake is to keep my eyes fixed on the One who will walk with me and keep me above water. Matthew 14: 25-33
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