The Deep Forest in the Midst of Grief

A beautiful expression of the healing power of nature ~ nice article, Sarah!

The Inclusive Community

IMG_3951I have struggled with sadness this past week in the tragedy of the mass shooting in Orlando and other acts of violence happening in the world. Grief feels like a daily occurrence in our connected society, where the media places in front of us images of destruction and violence moment to moment. One tragedy overshadows another, and it is easy to feel hopeless. I know that this is not all that is happening in the world, that also moment to moment many lives are being saved and enriched by innumerable acts of kindness. These aren’t the stories making headlines and it is easy to forget all of the good also present. But, it all feels heavy: gun violence and the end of so many lives of LGBTQ people of color, a devastating flood in Ghana that no one seems to be talking about, the one-year anniversary of the massacre at…

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From the Huffington Post

Gary Trosclair writes in an article called, “From PTSD to Peace: An Inspirational Story”

I’ve written in this blog previously about the possibility that growth and resilience can follow in the wake of crisis and trauma. And I’ve suggested that we use the challenges of our lives as opportunities for growth.

That’s good advice for anyone in any life circumstance!                      Read the inspiring story of VFP member, Eric Wasileski, and how he turned suffering into marching:


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When the Power of Love overcomes the Love of Power,
the World will know Peace.



(Just a note: Disregard the invitation at the end of the video to send Christmas cards to “A Recovering Soldier”. They will not be delivered or accepted.)

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A Precious Gem

In days past, some believed pearls to be the tears of the gods. Others thought them to be dewdrops filled with moonlight that had fallen into the ocean and were swallowed by oysters.


Pearls are created unlike any other gem on earth.
They form when an irritant – usually a parasite – works its way into an oyster, mussel, or clam. As a defense mechanism, a fluid is used to coat the irritant. Layer upon layer of this coating, called ‘nacre’, is deposited until a lustrous pearl is formed.

One of the most distinctive features of a nacreous pearl is the way it seems to glow from within, a property known as “luster”.

Luster results from the reflection of light rays not only off the surface of the pearl, but also off the concentric inner layers of nacre. Because a pearl’s surface is round, it acts as a convex mirror, reflecting light so that it appears to emanate from within the pearl. The multiple layers of nacre also give rise to the “iridescence” or “orient” of pearls. The layers of nacre act like tiny prisms, refracting light so that it appears as all the colors of the rainbow.


Perhaps healing and hope are like the birth of a pearl.

When layer upon layer of GRACE coats the parasites of our lives,
we are transformed into precious gems refracting the inner LIGHT
of love and peace.

Wishing you the gift of grace today and always so that you may
shine your iridescent Light ~ Nancy


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Rest In Peace Michael Clift


Michael Clift was a guest a BPC 270 in June 2014. He actually is the one who blazed the original walking trails with the lawnmower! He worked in exchange for a place to stay on his bike trip that year to present Scott Camil with a signed VFP flag for his birthday.

He enjoyed his stay and considered returning to do a writer’s workshop sometime.

It is with sadness that I report that he was killed by a semi truck last week on a second bike journey across America.


Below is the recent Fall VFP newsletter article about Mike…
March Across America Michael Clift

MARCH ACROSS AMERICA (MAA) is U.S. Army veteran and VFP “Nomad” Michael Clift’s ongoing public awareness campaign to promote the Veterans For Peace message as well as reach those veterans who “have fallen through the cracks.” One focus of the MAA is to honor veterans who have dedicated their post deployment lives to activism within the peace and justice movement. The first honoree of Michael’s project was the venerable and controversial Scott Camil, and this year Michael will present a VFP flag to the family of Jacob George, the brother we lost in September 2014, and whose memory and dedication to peace we hope to preserve.

(See my blog from December 2014 about Jacob)

Michael’s journey will take him from the teargas stained streets of Oakland, CA through the deserts of the Southwest where our indigenous brothers and sisters are fighting against mining cor- porations and struggling to preserve and protect their sacred lands and rivers and on through Texas and Oklahoma where he will act as a “force multiplier” in the struggle against tarsands and environmental degradation before arriving in Fayetteville to honor Jacob by presenting the VFP flag to his family on the eve of the new year, a year in which we foresee yet more struggle as we continue to “Wage Peace” against US Imperialism and corporate hegemony within the government and our communities.

You can support the March Across America when it comes to your town, sign the flag and donate, provide lodging, or get on your bike and ride!

Rest In Peace Michael Clift


Beacon of Hope



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The song, The Long Defeat, has walked with me on this entire 270 journey.
Read this excellent explanation of its inspiration and meaning:


Then go ahead and Listen to the Song:

Praying for a way I cannot see. ~ Nancy

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What’s Next?

“Nature is always lovely, invincible, glad,
Whatever is done and suffered by her creatures.
All scars she heals,
whether in rocks or water or sky or hearts.”

John Muir

270 is about the beauty and healing power of nature.
Our primary focus is to preserve this pristine treasure.
Our secondary objective is to offer 270 as a place of respite for those seeking healing and hope.

270 has been a work in progress.
The first phase, refurbishing the house on the property to make it into a comfortable home, is almost complete.
Our resident veteran, Mennonite Disaster Service, and several local supporters have been instrumental in making this happen.

As we move into the next phase, there is some refining and defining that needs to take place regarding our objective of service.
What does that look like and how do we accomplish it effectively and efficiently?

We are looking for creative ideas. Come walk with us as our journey continues!

Peace ~ Nancy


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